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A Facial serum that bases its composition on ingredients of vegetable origin such as Carnauba wax and Shea Butter, providing the skin with the necessary nutrients to preserve its natural well-being. Its fresh and silky texture melts instantly when it comes into contact with the skin, giving it the softness and hydration it needs.

Its novel formulation incorporates ingredients of last generation vegetable origin such as the root extract of Asian Sophora flavescens or kiwi water. Its natural ingredients make it possible to prevent, correct and attenuate the intensity of skin blemishes. Get a more smooth skin, moisturised and protected from the effects of the sun thanks to its depigmenting active ingredients of vegetable origin.

Day after day, the size and intensity of the spots visibly decrease. It also includes vitamin C giving it a high antioxidant power against premature ageing.

After 28 days, the spots are corrected, the skin is more uniform and luminous, the skin is more beautiful.

Scientifically proven moisturizing effect. Its continued use produces a cumulative moisturizing effect in the upper layers of the skin of 85% of volunteers.

Scientifically proven anti-wrinkle effect. Its continued use produces a diminishing impact in wrinkles in 77% of volunteers.

Scientifically proven depigmentation effect. Its continued use reduces hyperpigmented spots in 85% of volunteers.


Improves and unifies skin tone.

Corrects and reduces stains.


Suitable for vegans.

It tested under dermatological control.

Indicated for:

All types of skins.

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